Tokyo Village is a small hostel with a big personality !

The owner Charles has arrived as a backpacker himself on Australiaís then very distant shores some 30 years ago. Hopelessly addicted to bushwalking, mountain biking and similar activities he probably has more knowledge of the great National Parks and how to access them than many Australians. His wife , Vanessa also arrived backpacking here from Korea many years ago, manages the business and ensures that everything is being kept clean and tidy. Little Marcel, Bejamin and Totoro are the junior partners.
We are a small (65 bed) hostel with a difference. Small and personal with a quirky atmosphere, catering more for people who like to travel away from the big crowds and party houses.
Frequented by cyclists, motorcycle riders and the guy who rides his scooter from Cairns to Perth.
Contact Us  
243-247 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills 2010
Telephone (02) 9698 8839

Tours and Travel  
Tokyo Village is an independent hostel for independent travellers. Selling tours and receiving commissions would jeopardize our independence therefore we leave this to travel agencies.
We provide you with extensive information on tours and trips using public transport as well as walking. You will save a lot of money this way and and the satisfaction to have “done it your way”  rather than that of the a package tourist. Should you wish to book tours we can recommend local travel agents to look after you.

For those with a spirit of adventure we also provide detailed information on muti day walks or bike rides in the Blue Mts, the Royal National Park as well as other more remote destinations.
Advice on what to take and some equipment can be provided if necessary. A number of walking, cycling and camping trips are also organized every year if there is a demand for it. Free transfers to the Blue Mountains are available 2 times per week for those wishing to stay a few days in the mountains.

Free Stuff
Breakfast cereals, Tea, Coffee, Steamed Rice, Email   (conditions apply) Airport pick up (conditions apply)............a few other things but since we are not one for boasting come and see for yourself !

Stay and Work
Our guests usually stay a few weeks at a time to study and work. There is little coming and going , almost everyone knows each other by name. The appearance of the building is not very flash, but the rooms are clean and tidy (most of the time). You probably have been to a lot of places with very inviting reception areas but nothing really behind do not judge a book by  itís cover !  During most of the year the atmosphere is more that of a share house than a Backpacker/ Tourist accommodation place. Newcomers to Australia will find the latest work travel information from those who have been around the track for the past few months, those looking for work will find plenty of job offers as well as all the necessary information as how to open a bank account or get a tax file number. Instead of a notice board full of bogus job offers or jobs you rather not do. We match the work with the best suitable person a fact that is very much appreciated by our guests as well as employers alike.